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Strategic Plan

The Bradley School District 61initiated the strategic planning process as a method to engage our community in long term educational planning. In July 2016, the Bradley School Board updated the strategic plan to address the needs of our school district. The strategic plan is based on school, community, and parent input. This strategic plan incorporates a Vision for our students, a Mission Statement, Core Values and identifies Board of Education goals. These ideas are the basis for our District Improvement Planning process.
Working together to provide students with the knowledge and skills to become lifelong learners and productive members of society.
In partnership with parents and community, the Bradley School District is striving to provide the best education for every student, every day. We want all our students to be confident, hardworking, and successful people.
“Striving for Excellence”
  • We believe that each child is everyone’s responsibility and all district stakeholders’ are dedicated to teaching and learning.
  • We believe that education is a life-long commitment and process.
  • We believe that instructional and assessment techniques are a consistently evolving process, which involves using all available data, resources, and best practices to improve curriculum and student learning.
  • We believe that continuous communication between home and school is an essential component of a student’s successful educational experience.
  • We believe that mutual respect and cooperation among the school and community promotes a safe and positive learning environment.

Academic Excellence

To develop an aligned and engaging curriculum, instruction, and assessment that encompasses research-based practices and guides the Bradley School District.

  • To increase student achievement in all academic areas
  • To provide a comprehensive academic program including supplemental programs and services

Learning Environment

To provide the facilities and equipment necessary to support a progressive learning environment.

  • To provide a safe, orderly and respectful school climate
  • To strive to integrate developing technology into the classroom

Staff Development

To provide our staff with professional development opportunities that will enhance our educational environment.

  • To support and encourage staff professional growth opportunities
  • To attract, develop, and maintain highly qualified staff

Community Involvement

To enhance and improve community involvement with all stakeholders.

  • To collaborate through effective communication and parental involvement
  • To effectively utilize business and community partnerships


To maintain district and school accountability.

  • To maintain the district’s financial stability through effective use of resources
  • To promote a positive teacher and administration evaluation process