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Accelerated Program

Policy on Academic Acceleration and Early Entrance to Kindergarten and First Grade

In accordance with the Accelerated Placement Act (Public Act 100-0421) the Bradley School District 61 Board of Education has established policy and procedures that provide opportunities for early entrance to kindergarten and first grade, opportunities for accelerating a student in a single subject area, and opportunities for “whole grade” acceleration.

This policy describes the process that shall be used for evaluating students for possible accelerated placement and identifying students who should be granted early admission to kindergarten and first grade, accelerated in one or more individual subject areas, and promoted to a higher grade level than their same-age peers.

 Accelerated Placement Act:

105 ILCS 5/Art. 14A heading  Article 14A. Gifted and Talented Children And Children Eligible

Effective Date July 1, 2018

Illinois definition of gifted and talented children: "For the purposes of this Article, 'gifted and talented children' means children and youth with outstanding talent who perform or show the potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared with other children and youth of their age, experience, and environment. A child shall be considered gifted and talented in any area of aptitude, and, specifically, in language arts and mathematics, by performing in the top 5% locally in that area of aptitude."
105 ILCS 5/14A-20105 ILCS 5/14A-20

School Board Policy 

6:130 Program for Gifted

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