Miss Bushman

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Miss Bushman

I graduated from ISU in 1992 with a Bachelor's in Social Work.  After working a number of years, I returned to ISU for a second Bachelor's in Special Education, graduating in 2000.  I began teaching here in Bradley that fall and have enjoyed my time here ever since!

  • I am looking forward to getting to know your students and to do my best to help them succeed in learning.  There are a few things about our classroom of which I want to make you aware.

    First, with the long mornings we have until lunch, students are allowed and encouraged to bring a snack to eat during our snack time.  They should be healthy and not things like chips, candy, etc.  Some great ideas would be fruit, cereal, pretzels, crackers.

    The students each have a folder labeled “Work Folder”.  Any work that is not completed, or is missed during an absence, goes into this folder to be completed at a later time.  Sometimes they will be given work back that is to be corrected and turned back in.  This happens if they did not understand what was being asked or taught the first time and I’ve re-taught them and want to be sure they understand the concept.  No work should be taken out of this folder and left at home.  (Even if they tell you it can!!!)  Any unfinished work or written homework MUST be done in PENCIL.  If they have not finished something, they need to put it back in the folder and keep it there, bringing it back to school each day.  If they have extra time during the day we will continue to work on this.  

    Students will also be given one piece of homework to complete at home each night.  This work will not take longer than 10-15 minutes.  (Other work that is in their folder and was not finished at school is NOT homework.  It CAN be done at home by THEM, or brought back to be finished at school.)  If homework is not completed at home, students will be receiving two card changes, and will need to complete that during any free time that day.

    Both homework and work to be finished will come home each night in their work folder.  Students are not allowed to place anything else into this folder, so please do not throw anything out that was found in the folder.   If something was in the folder and it is not completed, please be sure that it is back in the folder for school the next day, it does NOT have to be completed, we will do it here.  If they have left something at home they will be given a brand new one to start over with.

    On Fridays students will bring home their Friday folder.  This will have handouts, letters, and past, completed, work.  There will be a sheet inside that is to be filled out each week.  I will write the date and fill out what their behavior was like for the week.  Your job is to look over all the great work they’ve brought home, check their behavior for the week, and sign your initials telling me you did so.  That is their Friday “homework” to be brought back on Monday.

    In Spelling, the class will be given their weekly Spelling list on the first day of the week.  We will have a Spelling pretest on Wednesdays and the final test on Fridays (days could be changed if it is a shortened week).  If students score a 100% on the pretest, they will not be asked to take the test on Friday.  Each student will have an individual Spelling list according to their ability and needs.  The words we use as Spelling words are very important for this class: they are the words that are most often seen in print and will help them tremendously in both reading and writing.

    Our classroom behavior is controlled through a card system.  Students begin their day with no cards in their “pocket.”  If they make card changes due to poor choices, cards can be earned back as a student makes improvements in their behavior.  Cards they can change to are blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.  If they receive a red card at any point in a day a note will be sent home so that you are aware.

    Even though we are a multi-grade class, we participate in grade level activities with the fourth grade.  If you receive an all-call at home for certain grade level activities, it is important to remember we are considered a fourth grade classroom.  

    As a grade, we have a few field trips and activities throughout the year requiring a small amount of money for your student to attend.  If ever you receive notice on one of these and are having some financial concerns, please alert me through a note or phone call and we would be happy to help out with the cost of the trip.  If I don’t hear from you, I will assume that you are financially able to pay for the trip and your student will be required to have their money in on time or will be unable to attend.

    Our class will be taking community trips throughout the year, approximately every two weeks.  These will help to focus on important life skills such as ordering from a menu, using table manners, shopping, etc.  No money will be required for these trips.  The trips will occur approximately every other Thursday morning.  If you are planning an appointment on a Thursday where the student will need to leave early, you should call and ask/let me know to see if that is a community trip day as we may be out of the building.