Mrs. Schultz

Phone: 815-933-2216


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Schultz

Want to know a little about Mrs. Schultz?
Check out the fun facts below.
* Mrs. Schultz has been teaching 4th grade at Bradley West since 2005. 
*Mrs. Schultz graduated from ONU.
*She even went to Bradley schools and works with some of the teachers that she had as a child!
* Her older sister is Mrs. Mills who teaches 5th grade at Bradley West.
* She lives in Bourbonnais with her husband (Scott) and their three children (Lyla, Lucy, & Lincoln).
* She is very close to her family and loves to spend time with them when she can.
* Mrs. Schultz loves to read! She reads a little bit every night before bed.
* She loves to listen to music and will play music during working time in class.
* Decorating is something that Mrs. Schultz loves to do!
*Mrs. Schultz loves Justin Timberlake =-)
* Sour candy is her favorite!
*Mrs. Schultz always gives you time to work on things in class.
*She loves to joke around!

  • Important School Information - Knight

    Please remember that there are a few things that students should be doing EVERY evening.

    1. Students should be filling out their assignment notebook and showing you the notebook EACH night. Please sign it!

    2. Students should be reading for 15 minutes and practicing math facts for 10 minutes EACH night. They will then fill in their homework tracker and have you sign it.

    3. The homework tracker should be returned every FRIDAY or the last day of the week. (Copies can be found under the Nightly Homework page.)

    4. Students should also be studying the weekly spelling words. The pretest is on Wednesday and the posttest is on Friday or the last day of the week. Incorrect spelling words needs to be rewritten after the pretest on Wednesday. (The spelling lists can be found under the Spelling List page.)

    5. Students will be bringing home their Friday folder and weekly report every week. Please make sure you look at and sign each of these. They need to be returned on MONDAY or the first day of the week.