• Outdoor Club will meet twice a week from March-May. We will have meetings on Mondays and *Wednesdays for 60 min. We will meet from 3:00-4:00pm (*Except on Early Dismissals).

    Outdoor Club Trips- We will conduct several trips during Outdoor Club. Trips will be conducted after school on Weekdays and Weekends. We will not provide transportation and Field Trip Permission slips will go home for each trip. The last field trip will be a fishing trip to one of the local parks.

    BC Garden Project- This year we will continue adding and working on the BC Garden in the months of April and May. 

    Outdoor Club Topics:  Fall Edible Plants and Fungi; Learn how to use a Duck Call; Species of Ducks and where to find them; Whitetail Deer habitat and characteristics; Upland Game habitat and how to plant for it.  Outdoor Club Spring:  Eastern Wild Turkey, how to talk turkey, and where to find them; Spring Edible Plants and Fungi; How to make Jam; Fishing in Illinois; Fishing in Salt Water. The last unit will be a casting and fishing unit.

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