• Dr. Scott Goselin - Superintendent

    Nicole McCarty - Director of Finance 

    Kevin Patterson - Director of Human Resources and Operations

    April Cohen - Director of Special Services

    Becky Selk - Director of Curriculum and Instruction

    Mark Kohl - Bradley Central Principal

    Abby Magruder - Bradley Central Assistant Principal

    Reid Savoie - Bradley Central Dean of Students / Athletic Director

    Trisha Anderson - Bradley West Principal

    Jeff Voss- Bradley West Assistant Principal

    Anna Kirchner - Bradley East Principal 

    Randy Fortin - Bradley East Assistant Principal

    Meagan Akerman - Bradley East Assistant Principal

     Debbie Jones - Superintendent's Secretary

    Kristi Colbert - Special Services Secretary

    Kari Jemar - Bookkeeper

    Matt Memenga - Director of Maintainence

    Mike Bland - Director of Technology

    Allison Kimberlin - Student Data Manager

    Linda Lilienthal - Food Service Manager

    Jennifer Vaughn - District Nurse