• Bradley Elementary School District is pleased to be able to offer teachers a laptop computer, iPad and/or iPod for use in their classroom. Mobile devices offer mobility for end users which may have advantages for classroom users. One such advantage is the ability to move easily around the classroom or to be able to take the device home to complete work for classroom projects at school. The terms of use are listed below:

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    1. The mobile device is the property of the Bradley Elementary School District #61 and issued to employees for the purpose of conducting school business. It is intended only for the use of the school employee to whom it is assigned.


    1. The mobile devices listed below must be at school during regularly scheduled work days in order to receive administrative communications, upgrades to anti-virus and other software, to take daily attendance and other requirements of the student records management system, etc.


    1. The mobile device may be taken home or to other locations outside of school hours by the employee. However, the employee is responsible, at all times, for the care and appropriate use of assigned mobile devices. The employee will be billed for the cost of repairs or replacement for any loss of or damage to mobile devices if the loss or damage occurs off of school property or is caused by negligence on the employee’s part.


    1. Each user who is assigned a mobile device must have a signed copy of the Bradley Elementary School District #61 Acceptable Use Policy on file.