•  Transportation Overview

    The goal of the transportation department is to provide safe, efficient and appropriate transportation for all eligible students. 

    We provide free transportation to and from school for students who:

    • Live a distance of 1.5 miles or more from their home school
    • Live within 1.5 miles of their home school, but for whom walking would constitute a serious safety hazard -- as determined in accordance with standards established by and enforced by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). 


    Vehicles used to transport students will meet all federal and state safety standards. All drivers employed by the district meet required federal and state standards for licensing. 

    Bus Schedules & Routes

    Bus schedules and routes, including the locations of all bus stops are determined by the Transportation Department, and can only be altered with the approval of the Transportation Supervisor

    Safety hazards and population density will be considered when determining the number and placement of bus stops in a given area. The number of times a bus stops on a route impacts the length of time our students are on the bus and the number of buses required to provide an efficient transportation service. 

    Stops are primarily located at intersections or corners because this is the safest stop location, primarily due to the expectations of other motorists. Stop locations and times are subject to minor revision, most often in the few weeks following the start of school. It is during this time that changes may be made due to bus loading or time issues. 

    Please note that bus stops may be located up to ½ mile from a student’s home, provided there are no serious hazards between the home and bus stop. Therefore, requests to move a bus stop to a student’s residence or to a closer location will not typically be approved unless a safety hazard exists.