• Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS/ RtI)

  • Response to Intervention (RtI), also known as a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS), is an approach for redesigning and establishing teaching and learning environments that are effective, efficient, relevant, and durable for all students, families, and educators.  RtI/MTSS involves an education process that matches instructional and intervention strategies and supports to student needs in an informed, ongoing approach for planning, implementing, and evaluating the effectiveness of instruction, curricular supports, and interventions. RtI/MTSS has three important parts:

    1. multi-tiered system of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and interventions;
    2. Using a problem solving method for decision making at each tier, and
    3. Using data to inform instruction at each tier.



    Collaborative teacher teams consist of educators who share curriculum and take collective responsibility for students learning common essential learning targets. Many times, these are educators who teach the same grade level or subject. The responsibilities of teacher teams in the RtI/MTSS process include:

    • Clearly defining essential student learning targets,
    • Providing effective Tier 1 core classroom instruction,
    • Continually assessing student learning and the effectiveness of instruction,
    • Identifying students in need of additional instruction and support, and
    • Taking and/or sharing responsibility for Tier 2 supplemental interventions for students failing to master the identified essential standards.

  • Parents and Families

    Research shows that when parents and family members are involved in a child’s education, the outcomes are positive: higher test scores, increased attendance, better behavior and social skills, higher rate of graduation, and increased drive to pursue post-secondary education.

  • Programs used to help MTSS for Reading

    East: Six Minute Fluency, Triumphs, Michael Heggerty, Leveled Literacy Intervention, 95% Group, Tucker Signing, Early Intervention for Reading, Primary Concepts, Intensive Phonics, Stop to Think, Florida Research Center, Jolly Phonics, Read Naturally, and Star360.

    West: Scott Forseman, Leveled Literacy Intervention, Six Minute Solution, 95% Group, Star360, Harcourt SS, Guided reading, Guided Writing, Word Sort, Phonics, and Comprehension skills.

    Central: Reading Plus (Silent Sustained Reading/Comprehension Program), Leveled Literacy Intervention, Corrective Reading, Soar to Success, Rewards Writing, Guided Reading, Cloze Plus, Reading Around Words, Word Memory, Decoding, PAVE, and Star360.

  • Our MTSS Reading Interventionist

    Mrs. Tripp- East

    Mrs. Burkhalter- East

    Mrs. Richmond- East

    Mrs. Harris - East

    Mrs. Fitzpatrick- West

    Mr. Gibbs- West

    Mrs. Karraker- Central

    Mr. Richardson- Central