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School Messenger

Keeping you informed is a top priority of the Bradley School District. That’s why we will continue to have the School Messenger Notification Service, which will allow us to send a telephone message to you providing important information about school events or emergencies. School Messenger is a rapid communication system the Bradley School District will continue using to notify parents in the event of an emergency, school closing, or general events occurring at the school district.

If an emergency occurs that requires the immediate evacuation of the school building for a long period of time in inclement weather, the children will be taken to another school building for shelter. Parents will be notified by announcements over the radio stations listed below, and if needed, by a telephone call of the location and dismissal time.

Any time there is a large amount of snow, or if, for any other reasons, you question whether school will be in session, tune your radio to the local stations listed below. When school is closed there will be a School Messenger announcement beginning as early as possible, preferably before 6:00 a.m. If school is to be in session, no announcement will be made. Please do not call the radio station, the school officials, or the school.